CTR honors award recipients!

CTR Catholic honored its teachers, support staff and administrators last week during the division's annual awards banquet. The banquet was held in Strathmore on Thursday, May 11. 

The following are a list of the award recipients.



Above and Beyond Award:

In recognition of performance characterized by selfless dedication, unquestioning commitment and superior skill. The awards were presented by Ron Schreiber, Trustee Chair and Okotoks Trustee.

WInners included: Shannon Abercrombie, The Centre for Learning@HOME; Keri Andrew, Christ The King Academy; Dennis Byrne, Holy Spirit Academy; Genevieve Chisholm, Sacred Heart Academy; Michelle Connor, Holy Cross Collegiate; Monika de Medeiros, St. Francis of Assisi Academy; Les Giraudier, Holy Trinity Academy; Amy Hagemann, Holy Family Academy; Laurie Klassen, St. John Paul II Collegiate; Jessica Larocque, Notre Dame Collegiate; Nick O'Brien, St. Mary's School; Jessica Peraino, École Good Shepherd School; Kurt Phillips, St. Anthony's School; Cara Powick, Clear Water Academy; Andrea Schell, St. Joseph's Collegiate; Cora-Leah Schmitt, CTR Catholic Education Centre; Sharilynn Shakeshaft, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy.

Power of One Award:

In recognition of someone who contributes to the Vision, Mission and Fundamental Beliefs of Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools; shows an outstanding commitment to supporting all stakeholders; shows initiative and resourcefulness; has a positive, helpful and caring attitude; is viewed by colleagues as a builder of relationships; contributes to a positive work environment and is viewed as improving morale. This award was presented by Mark Chung, Drumheller Trustee.

Winners include: Carol Aiken, St. Anthony's School; Gus  Anagnostopoulos, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy; Jo Appleby, The Centre for Learning@HOME; Rita Charlebois, St. Luke's Outreach; Aline Chichery, École Good Shepherd School; Andrea Culshaw, Holy Cross Collegiate; Crystal  Doyle, St. Joseph's Collegiate; Genelle Garagan, St. John Paul II Collegiate; Brian Gelinas, The Centre for Learning@HOME; Wendy Johnson, Sacred Heart Academy; Linda Lunn, St. Francis of Assisi Academy; Dawn Quinlan, CTR Catholic Education Centre; Kelly Risdale, Holy Family Academy; Tracy Schmidt, St. Mary's School; Deb Sicotte , Notre Dame Collegiate; Tanya Trembecki, Christ The King Academy; Toni Wideman, Holy Trinity Academy, Carla Woolridge, Holy Spirit Academy.

Master Teacher Award:

In recognition of superior teaching characterized by exceptional levels of student learning, exemplary commitment, and the creation of strong relationships. This award was presented by John de Jong, Brooks Trustee.

The winners include: Dave Asselstine, Notre Dame Collegiate; Carol Bilawchuk, St. Francis of Assisi Academy; Tina Fargiorgio, Christ The King Academy; Tina Fleck, Holy Family Academy; Ben Galeski, St. Joseph's Collegiate; Kathi Glowinski, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy; Betina Gross, St. Anthony's School; Brianne Gruber, St. John Paul II Collegiate; Mary Hagan-Ross, Clear Water Academy; Crystal Lepp, Holy Trinity Academy; Tina Lewis, École Good Shepherd School; Aimee Miller, St. Mary's School; Christel Osmachenko, Holy Spirit Academy; Lana Peterson, The Centre for Learning@HOME; Sarah Watson, Sacred Heart Academy.