#Relationships in a Digital Age

You Are Not Alone!

Do you remember what ‘normal’ looks and feels like? As the world learns to adapt to social distancing, distance learning and staying home everyone is faced with navigating the balance of screen time use and time away from screens. Families are immersed in technology to learn, communicate, find a release, socialize, or even attend exercise sessions. Many benefits of how technology can be used to increase connection have emerged. At the same time, questions around ‘how much is too much’ also arise. How can families make decisions around using technology as a great learning and communicating tool and still find time to disconnect?

The #Relationships in a Digital Age initiative began in response to concerns and questions regarding social media use. Central to the messaging, lessons and sessions with staff, students and parents are underlying values: dignity of the human person, community and life giving relationships, face to face interaction and conversation, caring enough to take a stand, the role of responsible and caring adults, shared responsibility between home and school, the critical use of technology. Although face to face communication looks different at this time, these values continue to drive the work of CTR administration and teachers when communicating during the pandemic, preparing lessons and providing options for students while distance learning. Links and videos this month relate to navigating parenting and schooling. You are not alone!

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#Relationships in a Digital Age will focus on encouraging our students to better connect with those they are with, to promote face-to-face interaction, to live in the present, to persevere without distraction, to avoid screen time that isolates or leads to over-indulgence, to take healthy relational risks, and to find the quiet of the mind in a way that will allow time for both God and others to be a part of their lives.