#Relationships in a Digital Age

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019!

Did your children receive some new technology over the holidays? Check out CTR's #Relationships webpage for tips and tools for managing screen time.

You will find information, resources, video links, classroom and school intiatives that will help you gather more information for you and your family around this important topic. Please be sure to fill out our Parent Feedback Survey to help us gain a better understanding of how screens are used in your family and what you would like to learn.  

#Relationships in a Digital Age will focus on encouraging our students to better connect with those they are with, to promote face-to-face interaction, to live in the present, to persevere without distraction, to avoid screen time that isolates or leads to over-indulgence, to take healthy relational risks, and to find the quiet of the mind in a way that will allow time for both God and others to be a part of their lives.