St. John the Apostle Award goes to....

CTR Catholic teachers and administrators honored two recipients with the St. John the Apostle Honorary Life Membership award during the division's annual Faith Days. The award honors a former long-time employee of CTR Catholic who has, throughout their career, demonstrated excellence in the workplace that has resulted in significant, lasting, and inspirational contributions to the life of the Division. Congratulations goes to both Dr. Bonnie Annicchiarico and Kim Heinrichs. #ctrfaithdays2019


Brooks Trustee John deJong presents Dr. Bonnie Annicchiarico (left) and Kim Heinrichs (right) with the St. John the Apostle Award. 

Below are excerpts from the nominations:

Bonnie has received not only a site-based Christian Witness Award but was also the Division's overall provincial nominee one year. She's been given a lifetime honorary award in Brooks, and earned a host of excellence in education award nominations. Bonnie worked for CTR for approximately 20 years, founding two schools in Brooks. Her history is rich as she was the 5th principal ever hired by Christ The Redeemer Catholic Schools. She was a driving force in faith in both the schools and our system. She started adoration and found the faith leaders initiative and PACE. Bonnie was a leader among leaders. She's responsible for mentoring more administrators than any other in CTR's history. Her legacy goes on as 10 of our current administrators, including an Associate Superintendent were teachers at her schools over the years. Bonnie is one of the most empathetic listeners I've ever worked with and inspired great loyalty via her quality of active listening and propensity to collaborate and empower others. Bonnie is admired, respected, and loved throughout CTR Catholic. 

Kim dedicated over 20 years to Christ the Redeemer school division. Over that time, she worked tirelessly with staff and students to be the hands and feet of Christ. She constantly invited staff to do service projects with her and she exposed her students to many different traditions and cultures and invited them to think about their own. Kim worked to infuse her lessons with faith and provided opportunity for prayer, study, good works, and evangelization and through her work, invited her students to be dynamic Catholics in today's world. She opened her home for retreats for staff, for events for students, and for fellowship with friends. Her relationships were, and still are, of utmost importance to her and she makes a point of reaching out and sharing the gift of time with people around her. Kim truly is the embodiment of an excellent Catholic teacher and would be very deserving of this award.